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Jiangsu Konon New Material Co., Ltd., a producer of high tenacity yarn, was founded in 2016.  With special expertise in color yarn, we produce high and medium tenacity industrial yarns of polyester, polypropylene, nylon 6 and nylon 66 (in raw white and colors), low melt polyester and nylon yarn, and mother yarn of polyester and nylon.  We also supply high viscosity polyester chips.  Our products are widely used in the production of webbing, ropes and cordage, hoses, slings, nets, strappings, geo-textiles, industrial fabrics, and many other finished goods.  We offer extensive manufacturing capabilities to provide solutions to your production needs and challenges.

Jiangsu Konon New Material Co., Ltd. is centrally situated in southern Jiangsu province, surrounded by Shanghai, Ningbo, and the Hangzhou golden delta area.  Our convenient location is approximately a one hour drive from Nanjing airport and only 2 1/2 hours from Shanghai by high speed rail.

Tel:0086-510-80753888 Fax:0086-510-87732666 E-mail:xwj@konon.cc Address:Chating Bridge,Xinxi Road,Yangxiang Town,Yixing City,Jiangsu Province
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