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[What are the characteristics and uses of polyester thermal fuses?]
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What are the characteristics and uses of polyester thermal fuses, making it a widely used fiber? Let us understand and explore together.

Polyester thermal fuse has a low melting point, melting point: 110 °C, thermoplasticity and self-adhesion. When heated to a certain temperature, it will soften and melt into a viscous fluid with a certain degree of fluidity. After cooling, it will resolidify into a solid.

Polyester thermal fuse features:

Polyester thermal fuses are blended with conventional terylene or other fibers to produce non-woven fabrics or knitted or woven into heat-bonded fibrous products with soft handfeel, high strength, resistance to washing, stiffness, easy care, and no environmental pollution.


Polyester thermal fuse use:

The main role of thermal bonding for Bondi line weaving, high-strength webbing, wool carpet, pad lining, automotive lining and other industries.

Polyester thermal fuses are made into a variety of products because of their comfortable feel, which greatly improves our daily comfort.

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