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[Konon can supply polyester high-strength color yarn]
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Konon as a new material company, long-term supply of polyester high-strength color silk and other high-quality chemical fiber, received widespread customer acceptance.

1. Characteristics of polyester high-strength color yarn: Adopting advanced one-step spinning production equipment and technology in the world today, the product has excellent dyeing performance, stability, high strength, low dyeing shrinkage, large elongation, large initial modulus, impact resistance, and climate adaptability Strong, light weight, strong pulling force, good heat resistance, low water absorption, stable electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, mildew resistance, resistance to rubbing, non-toxic environmental protection.

2. Usage: Widely used in various industries, such as wire and cable filling to enhance tensile strength, various specifications of sewing thread, fishery line, geotextile, canopy cloth, rubber, plastic product skeleton, cord, shade cloth, Various industrial and civilian webbing, rope, textile and knitting industries.

3, specifications: 210D ~ 1000D, but also set spinning according to customer needs.

Polyester high-strength color yarn is widely used and is an excellent choice for your industrial manufacturing and home life.

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