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[Big coffee gathers together in China's nylon city and discusses the development of chemical fiber industry]
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On June 22, the "High-Level Forum on the Development of Green Fiber Materials and Green Manufacturing Technologies" and "China Chemical Fiber Science and Technology Conference (Pingdingshan 2018)" were held in Pingdingshan, Henan. The conference was sponsored by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Environment and Textile Engineering Department, the China Textile Engineering Society, and the People’s Government of Pingdingshan City. The China Textile Engineering Society’s Chemical Fiber Professional Committee, the National Textile Chemical Fiber Product Development Center, and the Pingdingshan Nylon New Material Industry Cluster The committee, the relevant professional committee of the China Chemical Fibre Association and the sub-association will be organized in association with the China Pingmei Shenma Group and the strategic alliance for technological innovation in the chemical fiber industry.

At present, scientific and technological innovation is increasingly supporting and leading economic and social development. However, compared with the goal of building a strong world of science and technology, there is still a big gap between China's ability in scientific and technological innovation, especially original ones. Wang Yuanjing, deputy director of the Second Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in his speech that the advancement of high-quality development in China's chemical fiber industry must be aimed at the forefront of fiber technology in the world, strengthen basic research and achieve forward-looking research, break through key common technologies, cutting-edge leading technologies, and disruptive innovation technologies. Green manufacturing technology.

Technology, fashion and green have become the new positioning of the textile industry. The development of recycling cycle technology has also become the focus of attention in the industry. At the high-level forum on the development of green fiber materials and green manufacturing technologies held this morning, the participating experts and scholars read from the perspectives of the green manufacturing industry policy, the development of recycled chemical fiber recycling technology, the development of new technologies for the green fiber industry chain, and the construction of fiber green design platforms. , share, and jointly promote the development of green chemical fiber textiles.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Division Ouyang Yuming said that since the beginning of the new century, China's industrialization has been rapidly advancing, the overall level of the industry has significantly improved, and the overall national strength has been further enhanced, and it has become a truly industrial power. However, the rapid and large-scale industrialization has also consumed a lot of resources and energy, which has brought tremendous pressure on the ecological environment. In the next step, we will intensify our work in accordance with the deployment and requirements of the strategy for building a strong country, create a fair market competition environment, and implement the Energy Conservation Law, the Clean Production Promotion Law, and the Circular Economy Promotion Law. Second, in-depth implementation of green manufacturing projects, accelerate the construction of green manufacturing system. The use of green manufacturing specialties, tax incentives and other fiscal and taxation policies, as well as green credit, green bonds and other financial means, to promote cooperation between industry, universities, research, upstream and downstream to promote green key common technology innovation and industrial application. Give full play to the leading and driving role of the green manufacturing demonstration in the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry, promote the construction of 1,000 green factories, 100 green parks, promote 10,000 kinds of green products, and create a number of green supply chains. In addition, energy conservation and green standards have been strengthened to lead the industrial green development. Focusing on the implementation of the Industrial Energy Conservation and Green Standardization Action Plan, focusing on new issues facing industrial energy conservation and green development, focusing on key tasks, by 2020, energy consumption per unit of product water consumption, product energy efficiency, water efficiency, energy saving and water saving assessment, renewable resources The use of green manufacturing and other fields to revise 300 key standards, the basic establishment of industrial energy-saving and green standard system.

At the China Chemical Fiber Technology Conference (Pingdingshan 2018) held in the afternoon, Duan Xiaoping, Vice President of the China Textile Industry Federation and President of the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, reviewed the overall development of the chemical fiber industry since the 13th Five-Year Plan. He said that since the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the national economy has been improving steadily, the global economy and trade have reached a bottom, and China’s textile industry has also gradually stabilized and rebounded, providing good support for the development of the chemical fiber industry. The increase in commodity prices has driven the increase in chemical fiber prices. At the same time, due to the good demand, the price transmission has been smooth, and the quality and efficiency of the chemical fiber industry have improved significantly. Thanks to the recovery of the global economy and the growth in demand driven by the steady growth of China's economy, structural reforms on the supply side have continued to increase the profitability of the chemical fiber industry. With the promotion of structural reforms on the supply side, the chemical fiber industry accelerated the elimination of backwardness and mergers and reorganizations. With a limited increase in total volume, the degree of industrial concentration has further increased, and the voice of leading companies has further improved, and industry capacity and output have grown steadily. The recovery of profitability will promote the industry’s enthusiasm for fixed asset investment. He said that smart manufacturing, green manufacturing and new fiber materials are investment hotspots in recent years; controlling the reasonable growth of production capacity and continuing to adjust the industrial structure will continue to be the future development of the industry. The key is to urge the industry to maintain rational investment and protect the results of structural reforms on the supply side.

The textile industry has always been China's traditional pillar industries, important civilian production industries, and industries that create new advantages in internationalization. Under the background of the new era of socialism, the textile industry has been given the “innovation-driven technology industry, culture-led fashion industry, New label of responsibility-oriented green industry. The chemical fiber industry is China's industry with international competitiveness, an important pillar industry for the overall competitiveness of the textile industry, and an important component of strategic emerging industries.

At the meeting, Duan Xiaoping repeatedly stressed the importance of science and technology for industrial development. Over the years, companies in the chemical fiber industry have also continued to invest in this area. The raw material preparation technology, functional fiber preparation technology and high-performance fiber preparation technology have all achieved a leap. Many technologies have emerged from scratch and have broken through the international blockade. In the forefront, the construction of the standard system has achieved remarkable results, and the intelligent application has been matured, highlighting the true strength of technological innovation in textile powers.

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