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[What are the uses of nylon thermal fuses?]
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Thermal fuses are mainly divided into two types of polyester and nylon, according to different melting points can be reclassified.

Nylon thermal fuses are linear, heat-meltable materials that allow fabrics to be joined together after blanching. After the sewing, when the temperature rises to a certain degree, it melts and sticks to the fabric.

Nylon thermal fuses are also used for hot-stud hot-swapping (usually called hot-spotting of plastics). When the hot-saddler is hot-stabbed, the thermal fuses are placed on the front-end of the folding machine. The folding machine is equipped with a thermal fuse. The hot head device reverses the thermal fuse on the crease of each signature, and is heated by the heating element on the hot head - the foot is melted and glued to the external crease on the instant, and the other foot is on the other side. When the back cover is coated with adhesive (or when covering the cover), the binding feet are bonded to each other and firmly joined together.

The thermal fuse has a much lower melting point than conventional fibers and can be excellently bonded to other fibers. The thermal fuse can be mainly used for elastic webbing, raschel lace edge bonding, bonding sewing thread, covering furniture and car seat covers of velvet fabrics.

From this it can be seen that nylon thermal fuses play a very important role in our textile process.

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